Don't Fail Me Now

Don't Fail Me Now - DiscontentedWinter

"He's crying again, or still, or something."


Jesus fucking christ!!

So I did not sleep soundly after reading this. Not at all.

I went into this after reading the tags and being totally prepared for what was ahead of me. Or at least I thought I was. The first chapter was horrific and upsetting and made me want to murder Peter but what absolutely scared the bejesus out of me was how I, along with Stiles, started to think that maybe he was helping Stiles as the story progressed. Until you know, I slapped myself up the side of the head and continuously reminded myself that Peter is a creepy, evil manipulative wanker.

Stiles is broken and so very vulnerable and Peter is broken and so very sociopathic. The combination is upsetting and uncomfortable and terrifying.

This is not in anyway a HEA but it ended, I think, the only way it could.

So not for the faint of heart and I encourage people to read the tags. I wish I was progressing onto something that was fluff based but on to [b:More Than Biology|25337819|More Than Biology|DiscontentedWinter||45074791].