Hung the Moon

Hung the Moon - BurnItAllClean

I started out loving this, it was so sweet and heartbreaking and Stiles was so hurt that I literally sobbed at one stage. I had great hopes for the wonderful comfort that Derek would show. Did that happen? Well yes and no. By the end I just couldn't cope with the constant 'not worthies' and 'we can't mate yet's' because to be frank I think the reasons were bullshit and Derek needed to man the fuck up and shut that shit down. I got frustrated and annoyed with the 'green light', 'yellow light' insanity and Kate's stupid head!!

I swear I shouted, SHOUTED, 'JUST FUCKING BITE HIM' near the end. I think it just all went on for too long and the amount of crap that Stiles had to endure became over the top. I'm weird in the fact that I love a bit of hurt Stiles and angsty Sterek's in general but this one just didn't work for me at all. I think I need a good 3B aftermath, they tend to be my favourites!!

Kickass Stiles followed by a bit of mental torture seems to be my wheelhouse!!