Occam's Razor

Occam's Razor - MissAnnThropic Oh my god this one hurt. My poor heart. I'm still not right.


This was really very, very good but I did not like how it was all wrapped up. Mainly because it technically isn't a HEA. Oh jesus just thinking about it is making my heart hurt.

Very clever and at times very smexy, it's also cute and adorable and well, rip your heart out and jump about on it sad. I was kind of emotional going in though so a person in a healthy state of mind might think differently. I'm just gonna go find a corner, curl up in a ball and sob!!

It's the loss of the healing road trip (I know Derek said maybe but I need something more concrete) and no baby werewolf that is killing me. I also really, really wanted them to have that story. *sniff*