Balloon Animals Are Awesome

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"He is Derek Fucking Hale. He's Perfect. The asshole."

And this was the perfect Sterek.

I am all emotional right now. This just caused a lot of feelings.

So there I was reading and laughing like a loon.

'How fun is this?' says I to myself.

'I know right? This is frigging hilarious, the banter is awesome, Stiles POV is super good.' I reply.

'And Derek is totes broody and uncommunicative.' I nod knowingly 'I love that.'



The tears! I was blubbering all over the place.

"The year Stiles stopped talking because he had nothing to say and he was afraid that every time he opened his mouth it wouldn't be words that would come out anyway, but some long-drawn miserable howl that would put a wolf to shame.

The words came back, in time. Stiles uses them to drown the silence, to fill the hole inside him. He talks and talks and talks because he's afraid of silence and the things he might hear if he listens to it."


My heart is now sore.

Lovely and moving and sweet interactions between Stiles and his dad and even some nice 'Fucking Scott' interaction as well.

Derek is terrible at communicating. Shocking I know. But he is like for reelz bad in this but when he starts to use his words? Oh my!

I'm so glad I read this. I really needed it.