Sock it to Me, Santa!

Sock it to Me, Santa! - Madison  Parker image

I'm going to give myself a cavity with all the sweetness this week but I can't help myself.

Another sugar rush and it was just adorable.

I don't like YA. Not my gig. At all. But this was recommended to me by the fabulous Susan so I decided to give it a go. I will admit that I wasn't that optimistic going in but it's a very short read and super cute so I was pleasantly surprised and I'm really glad I gave it a go.

Couldn't possibly review this without a sock monkey picture, there is actually no Batman sock monkey in this story but now that I know there is such a thing I think the lack of one is a flaw. Once I saw this picture no other would do. I must have one and will soon begin an internet search so I can procure one. In fact I vote that everyone should have a Batman sock monkey. I mean look how awesome it is.


Charlotte, Ryan's mum needs a special mention. The women is a legend. Her and Ryan's relationship is actually my most favourite thing in this.

"Maybe the way it is isn't the way it ought to be.