Christmas Kitsch

Christmas Kitsch - Amy Lane An impromptu BR with the lovely Susan and Heidi.

So finished my first Amy Lane.

My feelings while reading this were primarily:



I loved everything about Oliver and Rusty. From their very first meeting to the last word they were wonderful together. Rusty's heart and capacity for love was just beautiful, his belief that he was stupid was so sad, it's very clear early on that while he is not cut out for a school like Berkeley and it takes him a little longer to realise what's going on in his head, with Oliver by his side, encouraging him, he is really much cleverer than most everyone else. Especially his parents.

Oliver's love for Rusty was epic. His father thinks he is impatient with his rush to move things along but really I find it incredible how patient he really was. I get the impression he has wanted Rusty since they met and yet he waited until Rusty found out for himself what he wanted, after which poor Oliver snapped and decided he'd done enough waiting and he pushed. Did much better than I ever would.

There were some absolutely beautiful relationships in this book and some heartbreakingly awful ones. I am at an absolute loss as to how anyone could turn away their own child. It's upsetting that this is not just a thing of fiction but something that is still happening all to regularly.

Over the holidays I asked my mam who like Oliver's family is so very Catholic but also a big supporter of the LGBTQ community, what she would have done if one us had come out and told her we were gay, she very truthfully told me that it was difficult to answer a question like that as it's one of those hypotheticals that's too easy to give the right answer, she hoped that she would of told us she loved us and just wanted us to be happy. When I asked her if she thought she would of told us to leave she very vehemently said never and that her children and grandchildren will, whoever they love, be welcome in her house. This is another hypothetical that is all to easy to give the right answer to but I like to believe that we would always be welcome and that if I ever have kids I'll be the same. Rusty's parents and parents like them truly baffle me and I hope to whatever deity there may be that I never understand them.

I might go have another little cry and maybe download a few more Amy Lanes for when I feel like another massive crying session!! The women really knows how to poke at the feelz!!