will to follow through

will to follow through - owlpostagain Meh...

This one just didn't do it for me. It makes so sense really because it has got a lot in it that should make me love it.

Stiles realising that Scott is in fact a truly terrible friend who is overwhelmingly selfish.

Stiles becoming BFF's with Lydia because she is super awesome and totally has his back.

Stiles and Derek building a relationship on trust and seeing Stiles make Derek happy enough that he breaks out that beautiful smile!
Goodness that smile!!

It had all of that and I still wasn't happy. Ugh... I'm really the worst. Just can't make me happy!!

It all felt a bit dragged out, the fic takes place in the summer between Season 2 and 3. It is totally true to the show. I watch the show and found it hard to get into the plot. I was a little bored truth be told. There are some great one liners and some clever mentions of things like the 'Maze Runner' and 'AO3' but nothing was enough to turn this one around for me.

This is also totally PG13, which is completely fine but worth mentioning. Not sure even nookie would of held my interest. That's probably a lie.