Safe in His Arms

Safe in His Arms - Renae Kaye image
"A heart is an amazing item. My heart's been bruised, battered, smashed, and stabbed. Yet it still beats in my chest. And do you know the most amazing thing is? It can still love. It still hopes and dreams."

Oh I'm now a total Renae Kaye fan. Her books just make me all warm and gooey and I honestly feel like I've gotten a hug after reading them.

'Safe in His Arms' is a bit darker than 'The Shearing Gun' or 'Loving Jay' but it is just as lovely and there is healing as well as loving going on.

My biggest issue with this was the POV jumping. As I've said about 50 million times before I adore dual POV but sometimes it just doesn't work and one of those times is when it hops about willy-nilly. At first it seemed the POV changes would happen by chapter. I like that as you know who you are getting each chapter. Then it seemed to change to paragraph, but the POV hop was clear, so I shrugged and just got on with it. But then it started happening during a paragraph and I wasn't sure who's head I was in. It would start with Lon and end with Casey and I just got confused and it really did take away from my enjoyment.

But all in all Lon and Casey and their friends were still wonderful and yes it was fluffy and in no way realistic but I don't care about that because I loved them both and their love was like a big hug and Lon was a big muscley teddy bear who was so sweet he almost made me cry. The Casey-loves were a bit much but still. Don't care. I love him.

"I'm gonna be the best damn boyfriend you ever had."
"Casey? I think you already are."

I also need to start reading blurbs again because I honestly thought there would be a boxer in this, it's the very hot man on the covers fault.