Rats' Alley

Rats' Alley - Auburn "I said kiss me, you're beautiful, these are truly the last days."

Dead Flag Blues, God Bless You! Black Emperor

Well that was bleak as fuck!!


I really did love this and the real proof of that is that here I am almost 2 weeks after finishing and I'm still thinking about it.

This is dark and depressing and, as I said, bleak as fuck but there were moments of hope throughout and it's what got me through it.

What really stuck with me because of this was that nature may have been what caused the electronics to fail but the real apocalypse was caused by man. I'm pretty much of the opinion that should it ever happen it will happen a bit like this.


Cheery ain't I? Well this book is not going to give you many cheery thoughts. Mostly really dark ones to be honest but again it was a really good read. Dual POV and wonderful POV's they were. Both Derek and Stiles have grown and matured and it's such a shame that an apocalypse is needed for them both to start communicating their true feelings and give in to the chemistry between them.

My most favourite thing about this though were the chapter headings. I spent the entirety of this fic with my road atlas on my lap and tracking their journey.


This is the kind of shit I absolutely love. No idea why but finding places and roads while reading about them is incredibly satisfying for me.

Totally worth a read. But beware...this really can't be classed as a HEA in any way and there are character deaths that will hurt like a bitch.

"You grabbed my hand and we fell into it,

like a day dream or a fever."

Dead Flag Blues, God Bless You! Black Emperor