The Alexandrian solution

The Alexandrian solution - Bexless Well this was hilarious!!
"Indulge in a little self-abuse," Stiles clarifies. "Adjust the antennae. Test your batteries. Flog the bishop. Rope the Pope. Milk the lizard. Enjoy some quality time with Mistress Palm and her five-"

"Please stop talking."

"-daughters," Stiles says, and then frowns. "Or sons."

Poor Derek.

For him it was a bit awkward!!!

Still funny though.

"Hey, man" says Stiles when he's recovered. "Don't sweat it. I was all about cuddling after my first time, not that you indulged me at all, which, rude by the way. I don't know what they teach you in werewolf school but I'll bet it isn't to leap out a guys window in the dead of night after he was nice enough to give you an orgasm."

"I thought I heard something." Derek says.