Hide Of A Life War

Hide Of A Life War - Etharei Another Sterek winner, I'm on a role this week.

So, so, so clever and really well written. It just all came together so seamlessly. Amazing.

Stiles and the Sheriff find themselves caught up in a hostage situation while on their way for some father/son bonding in L.A.


What follows are some pretty awesome flashbacks and some full on kickassness.


Seriously loved this. Stiles was amazing, Derek was amazing, the Sheriff was amazing, Scott was a douche. Which is all pretty standard but the story was great, lots of action and some really sweet moments.


My only issue with this is that it took me getting halfway through the first flashback to realise it was a flashback. Just a note. A full stop at the beginning of a paragraph indicates a shift in the timeline. I was drinking wine while reading it so I think that's why it took me a little longer to figure out or at least I hope that's why.