Prince Among Wolves (Kingdom of Three, #1)

Prince Among Wolves (Kingdom of Three, #1) - tylerfucklin, zimothy image

I've a tooth ache from all the sweetness up in here.

Just so cute, the relationship development between Derek and Stiles is a bit odd but the stars of this show were Olly and Andy anyway so it didn't bother me that much.

These kids broke my heart a few times and getting to see them all become a family was adorable.

Derek beginning to understand his daughter was so sweet and yeah, I cried, I'm not made of stone people!!

“It’s okay to be a princess, if that’s what makes you happy.”

Sweet and fluffy and a bit sad. A story about a family that was broken finding a person who helps not only put them back together but makes it better by joining it.

Can I get an awwwww?

A couple snaggly bits not tied up at the end but in my head the two loose ends were thrown into a ravine by a rouge alpha and their bodies never recovered. There. Loose ends all tied up. The End.