multiplied by seven

multiplied by seven - 1001cranes Welp.

I wanted a dark creepy Derek. I got a dark creepy Derek.

He is not actually at his creepiest in this but his and Stiles age kind of lent to the whole creepy vibe.

The spoiler is pertaining to their ages.So it's like this. Stiles is 13. Derek is 16. 13 is definitely too young but TBH so is 16. Neither of them should have been fooling around but even though Derek was truly creeptastic on a couple of occasions he was in his own weird way very careful and considerate of Stiles. I was also very glad to get Stiles POV from time to time, I for one needed to see how and what he was thinking. It actually reassured me to know that he knew they were not behaving normally and that he knew Derek was a bit cray, cray!! If he was thinking it was all normal behaviour I would've been a lot more freaked out.

I know this is really very mental of me but I found the branding to be oddly romantic. Would I do it? No way in hell. But it made total sense that Derek would go that way. He was so intense and so committed, it all felt very natural and yeah, as I said, oddly romantic. I'm fully aware that this is weird.

So I enjoyed this, it was written well and it pushed at things that made me uncomfortable but also made me want to find out what happens. I like when stories do that.