Flight of Magpies

Flight of Magpies - K.J. Charles 1st read - 1 November to 2 November 2014
2nd read - 13 July to 14 July 2015


"One for sorrow

Two for mirth

Three for a wedding

Four for a birth

Five for rich

Six for poor

Seven for a witch, I can tell you no more

Eight for a babe buried in the earth

Nine for a feasting

Ten for a *dearth."


After rereading I can safely say I love this series more than I did before. And I was pretty damn fond of it the first time round.

Flight of the Magpies is a very fitting end to Stephen and Lucien's story. I think this one is my favourite. It is the grand finale and it is an epic one. A lot happens. Seriously just thinking back on it I'm exhausted for them all. But it was awesome and a joy to read. The writing is, in my opinion, stunning. I love the characters in this series. All of them. Even the ones that I hate are pretty amazing and in some cases (well one) hard to hate.

The usual is true. Merrick is amazing. Merrick and Lucien's banter is hilarious. Stephen and Lucien's banter is also hilarious. Their relationship hits a few bumps in this but I think they needed to go down that road.

“But I do hope you are aware, my sweet, somewhere in that absurd heart, that I am ever, entirely, and quite pathetically yours.”

And the end result was some pretty epic smexy times. Lucien is just, gah, he is just...

“God, Lucien,” Stephen said at last, chest heaving. “You are the most colossal degenerate. So am I, I suppose, but I blame you.”

A proper English gentleman he never was but more so than ever in this. It's as if he was trying to be good before and he decided he was done. It was fabulous.


I do wish the tattoos hadn't flown away though, I felt slightly bereft.

I know that we are to get some more of them all in 'Jackdaw' but I'm still going to miss them terribly. I have sadz!!


There is also a short that takes place at Christmas after this but I want more than shorts people. I could read at least another 5 books about this lot.


*Dearth was a completely new word for me. I don't remember it at all from the first reading and it was mentioned a few times. Maybe I blocked it out because I didn't know it or my silly brain probably just saw death. Point is, I learned a new word. Yay for reading!!


an inadequate supply; scarcity; lack:
There is a dearth of good engineers.
scarcity and dearness of food; famine."