Punished By The Dark Unicorn

Punished By The Dark Unicorn - Hunter Fox Taking it back to our roots this week for our Weird Shit Wednesday read.

Hunter Fox that terrifying and fabulous of humans brings us Punished by the Dark Unicorn

And this time I'm totally prepared and pretty sure desensitized to all things Uniporn.

Bring. It. On.

So after reading this I have a question. How big are these unicorns? Cause I gotta say, if they are the size of like say your average horse there are some things going on that are not possible and by all rights should kill a person. Plus and also, just so we are clear, because it's a unicorn there is no need for lube is that correct?

Anyways. It's Hunter Fox so if you have read some of his other classics such as Ravaged by a Unicorn you know the story already. But with subtle differences like this takes place in Europe (Finland) and the Unicorn is purple with black and silver cum. All pretty standard really.

I'm totes used to all Hunters shenanigans now but the gallon of black cum was a bit:

Giving it 3 stars for old times sake though!!!

And I found lots of cool unicorn gifs, very exciting and I'm going to share two of the fabulousness I found that have nothing to do with this 'book'!!

This may be my all time favourite gif:

So I'm not scarred which means my lavender unicorn will not have to go back under the bed. I'm very happy!!

Starting 10 September 2014 as part of Weird Shit Wednesday
I wonder how long my poor unicorn will have to hide under the bed this time. He is not long out....