Into the Wastelands

Into the Wastelands - Gwynn Marssen 2.5 stars

Hmmm so this wasn't really for me but I think it is a real case of 'It's not you it's me.' to be honest. The book I read before this is probably my favourite of the year so anything I read after was going to have a lot to live up to. I also may have thought that I was starting a completely different book. So yeah.

The world building was interesting and quite well executed. I did find myself kind of zoning out a few times though and I've never experienced one but it sometimes felt a little bit tripy!!

Keric and Dolen were nice together but I'm still a bit confused as to some of their issues and well I'm a bit unclear about a lot of things really. The end was a bit odd and the birds.

It sounds like there is going to be another book so it might be worth reading to see if it clears up some stuff. I'll wait and see.