Evenfall Vol. 2 Director's Cut

Evenfall Vol. 2 Director's Cut - Ais, Santino Hassell Yeah so I’m hooked. This was awesome. I can’t even with all the awesome that this was.

So the first half of this book filled me with happy gushy feelings! (Well for the most part.)


Mexico was a holiday from all the psychopaths for Sin and Boyd and oh the lovin!!

"Red sauce covered Boyd’s hands like blood and prevented him from doing anything to fix himself. “I didn’t mean to make such a mess, but now I’m covered in cascabel sauce.” Boyd held his hands out.

“Cascabel? What’s in it?”

Without waiting for an answer, Sin dipped his head down and sucked one of Boyd’s fingers into his mouth. Boyd’s heart nearly stopped.”

Yeah well I actually stopped breathing for a bit after I read that.

"Sin’s moody gaze fell on Boyd. But not at his face –those green eyes were doing a slow circuit of Boyd’s body before focusing on his ass.”

And everything that followed that caused me to lose the ability to speak for a good hour afterwards. Holy hotness batman.

But Sin and Boyd’s preparation time in Mexico lulled me into a false sense of security because when the shit hit the fan I was left feeling more than a little shell-shocked.

The second half of this book?
And it was EPIC!!!

I also learned lots of Spanish curse words. Some ones I feel I’ll be using most often are:
Baboso – Idiot (I think this will apply to many, many people I encounter on a daily basis but it will be used mostly on a Monday morning when I feel I’m surrounded.)
¡Cierra el pinche hocico! ¡Chingada madre! - Shut the fuck up! Motherfucker! (I really need to work on my pronunciation on this but I think it will be handy for the rare occasion I’m in the same vicinity as mouthy baboso.)
¡Cállate, cabrón! — Shut up, asshole! (See above)
No me chingues. — Don’t fuck with me. (For general everyday use)

See? Learning is fun!

I’ve been warned by a lot of people about what is to come in this series, much heartbreak and many tears I’m told. The time that Sin and Boyd spent in Monterrey is going to be my go to memory when things get tough. Things were not perfect but it almost felt like they both had a little bit of peace for the first time and Sin went and set up camp in my heart. Not only was he sweet and adorable (as well as dangerous and deadly) but he is also absolutely hilarious and his interactions with civilians were fantastic.


So I guess now the journey really begins. Or maybe it’s more now the trauma begins.