Dark Soul Vol. 5

Dark Soul Vol. 5 - Aleksandr Voinov Well. There you go. All done.

I am a little disappointed I have to admit but the reason I am is that I feel we could have so much more from all of these characters and so much happened off page that could of given us more insight especially with Silvio. That said I did enjoyed this and I'm happy with the decisions all the main players made.

It was great that we finally learn things about Silvio that while not altogether surprising were welcomed and Stefano and Donata's acceptance of him was really special. Donata is all kinds of amazing.

This was such an enjoyable series, it's rushed and I would LOVE more but the insight we get into this world was very satisfying for me and well thought out. When I was 16 I went through an obsession with all things Cosa Nostra and read whatever I could get my hands on at the time. I do this with all kinds of subject matter, I'll read everything I can get my hands on until it feels like I'm part of it, this has contributed to some dark days, especially when it comes to fascinations for things like this or wars but all the same it was nice to dip back into this world and the familiar feel makes me want to go back there for a little while.

Silvio really is fascinating and I would of loved more of his POV's, the small insights we got felt like a gift, the way he looks at the world is dark and so very different from how most view it but I don't think it's any less beautiful for it.

“Silvio smiled, a little, and it didn’t look very natural, like there was still a lot of stuff going on in his mind that kept him from expressing himself any better. But he sure had emotions; he just didn’t get them out very well.”