Dark Soul Vol. 1

Dark Soul Vol. 1 - Aleksandr Voinov An outstanding start to this series. It's possible that I may be developing an unhealthy obsession for Aleksandr Voinov. I'm not ready to confirm that as yet though.

Silvio and Stefano are amazing. Their introductions in 'Dark Soul' was intense and absolutely fucked up and I wouldn't of been able to stop reading if someone paid me.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t shoot you,” Stefano murmured. Low, intimate, just between them.
“Fun . . . would be over too fast?”

The sexual tension in 'Dark Secret' was delicious and I've fallen hard for both these men.

“All paradises have gates,” Falchi said. “You’d wonder why God made Paradise with an exit if he didn’t anticipate having to use it eventually.”