Like Coffee and Doughnuts

Like Coffee and Doughnuts - Elle Parker image

Okay I'm hooked. At times throughout this I wasn't all that convinced I liked it, it's a bit cheesy and has the feel of an old fashioned detective novel. Dino is an over the top PI circa the 1950's. I swear to god he actually called Seth 'red' at one stage. No joke. But as I read I got more and more comfortable with his voice and I got really into his and Seth's story and the investigation. It ended up being a really enjoyable, fun and easy read.

It also helped that as the story progressed we got more and more Seth and he was an absolute joy to read. I loved how he and Dino are polar opposites but those differences just add to their friendship and later relationship. It also helped that he was majorly sexy and there were some scenes where I'm pretty sure he made me drool.
(Picture this guy with red hair and imagine him sprawled out on a garden chair.)

It did feel a bit wordy at times, you basically get the recipe for a Cioppino when Dino decides to make it for Seth but in the end I just enjoyed it and I kind of want to attempt Cioppino now. Do we need to know Dino's routine to the extent of what he thinks of paper work and what he has to do with it and how long it takes? No. But there was something relaxing about reading it. This is perfect holiday reading.

Well really I love Seth but whatever. Straight on to [b:Like Pizza and Beer|9215946|Like Pizza and Beer (Dino Martini Mysteries, #2)|Elle Parker||14095758] for me. The blurb tells me we get a jealous Seth. So hellz ya!!