The Prettyboy Mage #1: A Matter of Scale

The Prettyboy Mage #1: A Matter of Scale - B. L. Lacertae, T. Alba Weird Shit We Read on Wednesday read.

Hmmm so that was.....

Well see it was kind of......

Basically I spent much of that looking a bit like this:

So you have got yourself a two headed dragon.

And a University drop out who needs to do the nasty in order to replenish his magic.

So obviously there is only one solution for our guy!!!

And then it got weird (as is the way with our little group reads) but this was a little weirder than normal. Things with fringes and male dragons becoming mommy's and laying eggs after an orgasm and such things kinda weird.

To be honest I'm not all that sure what happened. I'd drank a fair amount of wine as I was reading this and its all become a bit hazy in the light of day.

Some pretty nasty stuff happens to both the narration and font in this story. The things that are done to italics are horrifying. I urge you. Proceed with caution!!

Oh and I am totally reading the rest of these. I know where this is going and I need to see it through. I'm my own worst enemy but with lots of alcohol it will all be fine. I'm sure of it!!