Better Than Chance

Better Than Chance - Lane Hayes The words. All the words.

Loved Jay. Loved Peter. Not really sure what their problems were but I wanted to see them happy so I read on.

My biggest problem with this series is all the unnecessary words. Lemme 'splain.

I remember a lesson while in English class way back when. We were told not to repeat the same word too often when writing a story. 'Use a thesaurus' she said. 'It will introduce you to new words' she said. Of course that's exactly what it did. It was a tool to help expand the vocabulary of us young ruffians. I fear that this is a lesson this author took a bit too literally. At times it felt like a thesaurus threw up all over the place.

Also using the word cock multiple times during a sex scene is okay. It's necessary in fact. As you know? That's the part of the body that's going to get the most action at that particular point in the book. Using other words is okay too as there are lots to choose from for that particular appendage but never, NEVER is it okay to call it a 'member'. Just no. Never.

I do like the characters in this book as I liked them in the last. I'm reading the next book as I want to see this series through and there is a Harley riding tattooed bad boy in the next one so I kind of have no choice but I was disappointed with this. The writing is just a little stilted, the voice of Jay is very much the same as the voice of Aaron from 'Better Than Good' and having started 'Better Than Friends' I fear it's going to be the same there too.

Now I am aware that some of my issues are my personal issues and I have stated before that I often have a problem with present tense first person POV so that might be why I found it difficult to read. This just wasn't really for me.