Better Than Good

Better Than Good - Lane Hayes Rightio......
So I don't really watch the telly anymore, prefer a book to be honest. So I only watch a hand full of things and usually that's when the season is over so I'll watch them all at once. This means that every now and again I feel the need to read something that is a bit mindless and I guess is my very own version of reality TV or I don't know... whatever other stuff the kids are into these days.

This book was kind of that for me. It was an easy read, a simple love story that was just kind of nice. The writing was not knock your socks off (but I do sometimes have issues with first person POV and tenses and the like so maybe it's me) but it told the story of two pretty likable characters and I enjoyed them.

A lot was left hanging which was frustrating. There are two more books in this series and I'm still in the mood for mindless so I hope to get some answers.

Update: Thanks to R*A Reader Obsessed* who pointed me in the direction of the follow up shorts for this. Got some of my questions answered. Sweet and a little smexy!!

Better Than Candy 1 & 2

Better Than Candy 3 & 4

Better Than Candy 5 & 6

Better Than Candy 7 & 8

There are more shorts but I've not read them yet and will add once I have.

You know this could be a good hangover read.