Whiskey and Wry

Whiskey and Wry - Rhys Ford image

So many things should have caused me to lose my mind while reading this and I will admit a few things almost pushed me over the edge but I think I liked it. The Morgans are kind of adorable and Damien and Miki were also adorable.

I know I said I'd pretend about where the Morgan's were from and I totally did. For the most part. But Sionn?

And boyo? I mean really? Boyo?

"The taste of you is better than any pint I've ever had on my lips."


But Sionn issues aside I really did like Damien and Sionn together, they had a proper meet-cute and I liked how their relationship developed.
They got all soppy and cute. It was proper book crack stuff.

Something I'm not certain I liked in this book was being in the villain, Parker's, mind.

Studying the knives he'd found in the woman's kitchen, he selected the first he'd sharpened, a slender, long blade made of hammered German steel.

"Now, this is probably the finest thing you own," Parker murmured, sliding the flat of the blade across her wrinkled cheek. "And here you were using it to cut lemons for your vodka."

She gurgled again, and he cocked his head, trying to make sense of her frantic bleating. Patting her leg, Parker smiled reassuringly and began to carve away the skin on her face.


That was a really a very tame scene for him. He didn't really make sense to be honest but I was fucking terrifying!!

So again I liked it and I didn't but I have to say I'm not at all regretting starting this series. I liked seeing Miki and Kane again and I'm excited about Connor's story and I really can't wait for Quinn's and Rafe's. While I don't enjoy parts of it, it is fun and at times sad and a little angsty. What's a bit odd is that the nookie scenes are not my favourite. I find myself a little confused about what's going on and they feel overly long.

I'm not sure I've ever said that before.

This reviews gifs have been brought to you by the lovely Robert Sheehan. My Damien.
Let's not discuss me casting an Irish actor as one of the few non-Irish in the book.