No Homo

No Homo - RemainNameless Holy hotness batman!!

It took me way too long to get to this one, pretty sure I'm the last one on the planet to read it. (I may be prone to exaggeration from time to time.) I think the main reason was I knew that a lot of it was Stiles denying his feelings for Derek. I'm all for a bit of uncertainty but I don't like shit tons of it.

There is shit tons of it in this. But Stiles is not at all mean about it, he is just a little blind, so even though the whole 'I'm not into him, into him.' went on for way too long they were both adorable in their stupidity about it, so it was kind of okay!

And well then there was smexy time. This is in fact 90% smexy time. Ridiculous and awesome smexy time.

This book should not be read in public spaces. Especially on lunch breaks. That's where the whole holy hotness batman thing comes into play. JESUS!!


As I said in an update Scott was truly awesome in this. Unlike the Scott in the show he was a total best bro and I really just wanted to give him a cuddle.

Shockingly. Danny was an ABSOLUTE douchehead. Hated him. HATED!!

It's all a bit silly but it was so much fun reading it. I definite Sterek win.