Body and Soul

Body and Soul  - Jordan Castillo Price Loved this from start to finish, just fantastic.

Vic spending Thanksgiving with Jacobs family was excellent. Uncle Leon's appearance was pretty special and even though I did feel for Vic I found the whole encounter pretty hysterical.

Things are really ticking along for Vic and Jacob and lots of exciting things are in the pipeline for them. The timelines are pretty short in this series so there tends to be very little time between one book and the next so it kind of seems like things are moving pretty rapidly but it feels quite natural and Vic and Jacob's relationship just seems to work even if it progressing at a fairly rapid rate.

Some things I have to mention because well...just because....

The hallway scene.

Viccoming out to his new partner Zig so early was really brave of him, I think it showed how important he found Jacob. Vic does sometimes like to take the easy path and I was so happy that he didn't screw this up, he could of really hurt Jacob here and I was so glad he didn't.


I really liked the story here, it was well crazy and just all kinds of nasty. It was awesome.