Criss Cross

Criss Cross - Jordan Castillo Price The more I read of Vic and Jacob the more I love. These two are great together and I adore Vic, faults and all, in fact his flaws are some of my favourite things about him. He is just a pleasure to read and being in his head is fantastic.


It has got to be said though that I am a little jealous of Vic, mainly because he has managed to nab Jacob and lets face it, Jacob is pretty wonderful. He is patient and he is kind and he flat out adores Vic. Oh. And he is HAWT!!!!!!!!

One of the things I am loving so far about JCP is the development of her secondary characters. The first few books in this series are relatively short but she still manages to give us a really well developed secondary cast, I'm so looking forward to finding out more about them all, especially Crash. (Even though I wanted to scream in his face on a few occasions in this).

I liked the premise for this book but I did think that it was pretty easy to figure out what was going on and who was involved. That's not necessarily a bad thing but keep in mind that this is not much of a mystery. I still liked how it all went off and I liked 'getting it' before Vic.

This series is very enjoyable so far, I am a huge PNR fan and this really is floating my boat and has so much potential. I can't wait to find out what is to come and as with the first book this one leaves us with many questions that I am looking forward to getting the answers to.

So far?