Gold Digger

Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov image

I enjoyed this, it helped with the withdrawal I'd been suffering since finishing 'Special Forces'.

This is a surprisingly upbeat and angst free read from this author whom I absolutely adore and am fast becoming obsessed with. I love his style of writing.

The development of Nikolai and Henri's relationship was very sweet and I liked Nikolai's attitude to life in general. I really liked how he accepted that he was attracted to Henri without a ton of drama, also how he dealt with the revelations about his family and Anya's general disgusting behavior. Henri was a sweetheart and I found him to be very brave even when Nikolai may have thought that he wasn't.

I wish it had of been a bit longer and I would of loved to have seen some of the other SF characters but I understand that there are copyright issues so it really can't be helped.