Beyond Jealousy

Beyond Jealousy - Kit Rocha I was sooooo looking forward to this. One of the main reasons was Ace. Ace is just beyond delicious, but add in Cruz?

Now I'm going to be controversial, I really could of done without Rachel. There are two reasons for this.
1. 'Beyond Jealousy' is an apt title because I am beyond jealous of her.
2. I really did think that just an Ace and Cruz relationship could of been just as good and even hotter.

But this is the world of the O'Kanes and a one on one relationship would of been just too ordinary here so I sucked it up and just imagined myself as Rachel. It was not unpleasant!!

Anyhoots. I really did enjoy this. I loved Ace. Just loved him. His refusal to accept that he was worth the love of not just one person but two made my heart hurt for him, especially since he loved with such abandon and pretended to the world that he wasn't effected by anything. His pushing Rachel and Cruz away because he was convinced that they would eventually push him was so sad and then the pain that they were both in when they thought that they had lost him both emotionally and physically was just gut wrenching.

I had to do some casting here:


Adored him. Everything about him from 'Beyond Shame' to this has been great.


Cruz in command was just delicious. I was melting.


I really did like her, it's just that jealousy is really a terrible thing.

Another total cliffhanger and I really just cannot wait for 'Beyond Addiction'. So far I need Jade, Mad, Scarlet, Jared, Trix and the Doc to have a book and with the introduction of some new characters in particular Lili from Sector Five we are running out of books. I see a big Five presence in the next one.