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Is this series perfect? Nope.

Did I enjoy it? You bet your ass I did.

I've got lots of little problems with various things throughout all three books but yet again I find myself unable to give much of a crap about them because I love these two men. I love all the sex. I love all the feelz. I love all the love.

Turn your brain off pure porn reading this series is and it was freaking awesome.


I'm just going to go get lost in some day dreaming about my boys.

"The groan that escaped Tate was tortured. He sounded like a man who'd been waiting years for someone to touch him, and as Logan grabbed his hips, he felt like it had been years since he'd been able to. When he drew his lips off him and kissed the tip of his cock, his eyes found Tate's and he whispered, "I forgot how fucking gorgeous you are when you fall apart for me."