Long Time Gone

Long Time Gone - S.E. Jakes So we left the boys with much heartache. Prophet has been roaming trying to forget Tommy by trying to save everyone and Tommy is back at work with EE in Africa and sending Prophet an email a day trying to fix what's been broken.

Warning people. This one pulls at the heart strings.

'Long Time Gone' is very much the story of Tommy and his past in New Orleans. My heart breaks for Tommy throughout his, between the 'Bad Loque' comments and the general helplessness he must of felt as a child I am not ashamed to say that I got a little weepy.

But there is lots to help with the angst. And that comes in the form of the scorching Tommy and Prophet scenes and above them all are the much anticipated hurricane scenes.

"Branches creaked, houses screamed against their foundations, and rutting like animals in the mud with Tommy was the hottest thing Prophet could remember. Nothing else mattered, because nature's wrath couldn't compare to this."

I loved the secondary characters in this, I loved the story (even though I really felt like screaming and punching some really horrible people) and I loved seeing Prophet and Tommy begin to work through their problems and towards a HEA.

This series is fantastic and my kindle will be suffering from a S.E. Jakes overdose as soon as I am allowed to buy books again.

Waiting for self imposed book buying ban to end..... come on July 3.....