Aiden and Ky

Aiden and Ky - Allyson James image

Aiden and Ky. Well.


Another fun read, I will admit that I wondered if Brianne was needed at all but in the end I think she was a nice addition to the story.

I am now certain beyond any doubt that this series is my new guilty pleasure. This is why books are better than drugs, you can indulge in the ones that are addictive and a little bit bad for you with no adverse side affects (besides fantasising about two hot Shareem). If you are looking for something quick, easy, fun and spicy to read then this series is perfect IMO. This isn't an outstanding series that has to be read but it's great escapism and a tiny bit kinky and I for one am having great fun reading it.

3.5 hot boy on boy action stars.

Calder is next and he is what drew me in to begin with.

Tortured hero anyone?