Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux Okay so my biggest fear with this one was that it was going to be way too angsty and I was going to be blubbering mess. I was only a blubbering mess twice. So not majorly angst ridden but Ty and Zane did have a lot to work through.

Now the following review are the views of a crazy lady who at times thinks that the characters in this series are real therefore some might find my ramblings a little scary. May contain spoilers.

Ty. Ty. Ty. The lies Ty. The lies!!! I will find a way to forgive him anything and well there were reasons why he did what he did but I'll give it to Zane on this one, I can understand why the lies hurt. I was feeling for Zane I really was. I even forgave him the tumble off the wagon. The anger and resentment that's totally justified but Zane crossed a line, he crossed a line and if it was possible to reach into a book and rip someones head off I would of done it. Zane calling Ty a coward was not cool. He knows what that would do to Ty and he does it anyway. I don't care how hurt you are Zane that is unforgivable. Sure you apologies in the end and Ty might forgive you but I do not. Work hard buddy. Work hard.

So anywho. This is a really great addition to the series. Ty and Zane get conned in to going down to New Orleans by the Sidewinder boys and the fun starts pretty much as soon as they land. I loved the feel of New Orleans throughout this book, it felt like the city was another character. I liked how Nick described La Fée Verte and New Orleans.

The place had an eerie feeling to it, like it had been abandoned by the living but was still occupied. A shiver ran down Nick's spine. The whole city kind of felt like that, actually.

I enjoyed the elements of voodoo that were thrown into the story as well. It was an interesting insight and has made me want to look closer at the religion. The whole plot-line to this one is more than a little unbelievable (not that the rest of the plot-lines in this series are believable). Zane and Ty's serendipitous meeting might be a bridge too far for some. But it is one of the reasons I love them so much. Insane things keep happening to Ty and Zane and they just keep on keeping on and trying to make their relationship work amid the chaos. It's awesome.

This one had a really different feel for me, I can't quite put my finger on what it was. It could be the flashbacks or could be that New Orleans gave an almost mystical feel to it. Either way I liked it.

I loved having the Sidewinder boys back again and I like them all even Owen but Digger is my favourite. He is insane and any dialogue he had was great.

There are a few surprises in this and as they are revealed you can kind of guess what is coming at the end but even so when it comes, it is a shock and most unwelcome, well bar the Rhett Butler scene.

Another 5 stars for this one and I really can't wait for 'Ball & Chain'.