Stars & Stripes

Stars & Stripes - Abigail Roux Possible spoilers!

So after everyone of these books I claim that that's my favourite one. So true to form this is my favourite one and I actually can't see that changing because this was just the most frigging awesome amazingness ever.

Ty and Zane are in a good place. That place is in love. Seriously in love. Goodness but it is beautiful to read. This addition to the series really focuses on their families and their families reactions to their relationship. Ty gets a call from his mom summoning him home to help fix up the shed because his dad has had an accident directly attributed to him not listening. (This was hilarious and made me like Mara even more than I already did and I thought she was awesome before). So Ty invites Zane along and they go to West Virginia for the weekend. Ty is seriously contemplating coming out to his Mom and Day but before he can get there Chester does it for him. Chester is a sweetheart and I really like the way he saw Ty and Zane's relationship and calling them sweethearts. Adorable.

Earl and Mara's reaction was not what I expected and even though Earl was a douche I can kind of understand why he reacted the way he did. I liked that they were not upset that he is gay but they were upset that he ran away from them and didn't trust that they loved him no matter what. Now Ty explained to Nick in Divide & Conquer about his fear of how people would react so him keeping it from them is totally understandable and he really can't be blamed for it. Just the hurt that they feel by not being there for him was sweet and how wonderful it would be if that was the worst reaction of a parent in the same situation!

While visiting Zane gets a call that his dad has been shot so Zane hot foots it to Texas but Ty has to go back to work. The parts where they are apart are just as sweet as when they are together. I loved when Zane was going through photos he had taken of Ty. So adorable.

Ty arrives on Zane's parents doorstep having told a few fibs in order to get away from work so that he could be with Zane and figure out the who and the why of Zane's dad getting shot. Again this was super sweet and even though I didn't think it was possible this made me fall more in love with Ty. When it comes down to it he really is just a big old romantic. Zane's dad is sharp as a tack and knows there is something going on so he comes right out as asks what the story is. So Zane comes out to his dad and his sister and therefore we get to see the awesomeness of Harrison Garrett. Cause that's what he is. Awesome. Then the fun begins and there are stetson hats and big cats.

There is not a lot of this book that I didn't like. In fact right this second I can't think of anything. I loved it. Ty and Zane's relationship is just the business. Seeing them as a couple out and proud is wonderful. Again I am amazed at how far they have both come since the beginning. The only problem now is I am afraid. I actually don't want to read Touch & Geaux because from what little I have gathered there is going to be angst and I don't want Ty and Zane to have anymore angst, I just want more of what we got in this book. I know real life isn't like that but it is what I want. *stomps foot like a 6 year old*

Some of the best bits:
- Ty and Zane just being in love
- Ty getting covered in condiments
- Ty and Sadie
- Zane and Sadie
- Zane giving Ty his Stetson
- Ty and the horse
- Ty and all conversations about and dealings with the cats
- Closet action and Annie's pun about said closet
- Harrison
- Harrison giving Ty his gift
- Mara with Zane
- Barnum.

People who I would like Barnum to eat:
- Beverly Carter-Garrett
- All the homophobic jerks in the honky-tonk
- The eventually revealed bad guys.

As usual with these two we get some serious laugh out loud. Their banter is one of the most lovable things about them and even though they are loved up they still give as good as they get in this department.

This is a great example of that:"The tiger made another sound, an odd hissing that Zane soon realized hadn't come from the tiger at all. It was Ty, making the same sound he did to call Smith and Wesson.

He did it again and took a step forward.

"Oh Jesus, Ty, this is not how I want to die," Zane whispered.

"It's okay."

"No, it isn't!"

Barnum stood and lowered his head. He took a step to match Ty's. Ty took another. Barnum chuffed and drew closer, looking wary.

"He's scared, Zane."

"Well, he should join the fucking club."

"Come on, Barnum."

"Ty, you are not the tiger whisperer," Zane hissed.

Ty held out a hand to calm him, then took a few more steps toward Barnum. In the blink of an eye, Barnum lowered his body and lunged at Ty, wrapping his arms around his head and dragging his face against Ty's as he stood on his hind legs and hugged him. His massive body dwarfed Ty, and Zane could only see Ty's arms as he returned the tiger's hug. Barnum continued to rub his floppy ear against Ty's face.

Zane stood rooted to the spot, mouth hanging open, shaking his head.

After a few long moments, Barnum released Ty and sat down. Ty Staggered back and leaned over, gasping for breath.

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen," Zane whispered, still stunned.

Ty began to laugh. "That's what he did in his enclosure." He held out his fist to the tiger, and Barnum smacked him with his paw like he was giving him a fist pump. "Loves to hug."

"You're and idiot."

"We need to get those animal control morons over here. Or call the sanctuary, let them know we found him."

"You're a fucking idiot!"

Ty straightened and Barnum sent a low grumble in Zane's direction. Ty shook his head, smirking a little. "My tiger disagrees, Zane." Excellent!!!

This series is amazing, I just love it and it is because these two are amazing both together and apart. It has been my first ever wonder into this genre and it has been incredible. These books are an epic love story with humor and heartbreak. They are magnificent.

Now I need to get the courage for the next one.