Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux Amazing. This series just keep getting better and better. I know this is the first one that Abigail Roux did on her own but there is nothing missing.

This one was action packed and among all that action Ty and Zane in love. So plot line: Ty needed to get away after the events of 'Divide & Conquer' while away he gets a call to do a little side work for his bosses boss and his Dad's best friend. He calls Zane and explains why he needed to leave and then explains that he will be going dark for a while. So off he pops to Chicago. The mission is to bring in a CIA informant who has the goods on a bad guy within the CIA. The informant is Julian Cross (Warrior's Cross) and he is not willing to come quietly. So Dick contacts Zane and tells him to get himself to Chicago to help a fellow agent. Zane arrives and discovers that Ty is the fellow agent. They then apprehend Julian and his partner Cam and try to get them back to DC to hand them over. This of course does not go smoothly (it wouldn't be Ty and Zane if it did) between Julian trying to get away and CIA agents trying to apprehend them. It really is very action packed.

Ty and Zane are as always a pleasure to read and I loved each as much as the other in this one. I'm usually all about Ty but they are both great in this and I'm now having a hard time picking my favourite. Once Zane loves. He loves. It is awesome.

We also start to learn more about them both as they begin to open up and share more about each other. Every time these guys tell each other 'I love you' or call each other 'baby' I get butterflies. They are just beautiful. I love seeing how very far they have both come from 'Cut & Run' where I think both were in some way broken by life and circumstance. Now they are strong because they found each other and they support and help each other. It is so frustrating that they desperately want to be open about their relationship but can't because of their job, I like that the reason they don't make it public is not because they are gay but because of the FBI fraternisation policy but it is still frustrating.

I really enjoyed the banter between Julian and Ty, I also liked the various POV's, I enjoyed Cam a lot more in this than in 'Warrior's Cross' and I loved getting to see Nick again. I'm glad he got to explain his past actions. Nick and Ty's story was very upsetting but I do think that Nick telling Zane about what happened to him and Ty will help them overcome some of the obstacles that Nicks actions caused in 'Divide & Conquer' or I hope it does for everyone's sake.

As always there were so many good quotes in this one but because my favourite aspect of these books is watching two people who were very damaged by life fall in love and learn about one another I think the following quote is fitting.

Ty rolled to his side to face Zane. He reached up to touch Zane's chin with his fingertips. "We still have a lot to learn about each other."

Zane figured that was a hell of an understatement. He smiled as Ty's lips brushed his. "That's not a bad thing."

"No." Ty grinned against Zane's lips. "I'm sort of looking forward to it."


5 plus stars. It really does keep getting better and better.