Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban My goodness but I love this series and this is an excellent addition to it. 'Sticks & Stones' took a lot out of me and I needed to take a little break before getting stuck back in. There really was no need though because this one was not as angst ridden, it did have its moments but I wasn't an emotional wreck after which was good.

So Ty and Zane are sent on a cruise as an undercover married couple who are involved in nefarious activity with an Italian and a Turk. Their remit is to gather information and get pictures of the Turk. Simples? Not when it comes to Ty and Zane. As per usual there are people out to kill and maim from the start and throw in a fall off the wagon and the fact that their cover requires them to be out and proud and you have a recipe for awesome.

I just need to state for the record that I am madly in love with Ty. He is amazing and I think he may well be one of my all time favourite characters, because of this it is likely that in my eyes he will never be able to do anything wrong, in fact part of what makes him so perfect are his flaws. Now don't get me wrong, I do love Zane as well, but mostly I love him because he is with Ty, so when he does something that upsets Ty I feel like punching him. This brings me to the falling off the wagon. One of the things I really appreciated in this book was the insight into addiction. A lot of books that I have read in the past that touch on addiction don't always go into it in detail or the effects that it has on those around them. Now I am aware that this is due to the type of books that I read but I like how it is handled by these authors. Thankfully I am not an addict (well unless you count Coffee and books but they are not as yet destructive) and also thankfully nobody close to me is an addict, so I am very naive when it comes to this subject matter. I often think that if someone I loved was an alcoholic or a drug addict I would try to be supportive and help them on the road to sobriety. Of course that road is a tough one and fighting addiction is not roses and sunshine, it is ugly and hard and the person suffering will not always see that they are making others suffer as well. Ty never seemed to be sympathetic towards Zane's addictions, it seemed to bother him that Zane couldn't control it and I did think he was a little harsh at first but Zane was destructive and blind to his faults when he was drinking and Ty handled it perfectly. Kicked ass in fact, but in his Ty way still showed that he cared deeply for Zane and just wanted him to look after himself. Have I mentioned that I love Ty? *sigh*

Watching these two fall is wonderful, I adore their relationship and their banter. This is just such an enjoyable series. Can't wait to see where they take us.