Cut & Run

Cut & Run - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban WOW!! How have I only come across this series now? I feel cheated and blessed that it's the beginning all at the same time. That was emotional and heartbreaking and sweet. Ty and Zane are just super in every way. I loved their journey even though I really wanted to knock their heads together on more than one occasion. Can't wait to get stuck into the rest of this series, so many things to still discover about these two and I foresee tears and laughter while I do.

I'm giving this 4.5 though as the narration took a bit of getting used too and I sometimes had trouble figuring out who was doing it. It did take a bit away from the story which is a shame as the story is incredible.

The case was also a bit 'meh' but only cause I figured who it was early on. I liked the Poe angle though

Can't wait to begin Sticks and Stones!