Duncan - D.B. Reynolds Duncan. Oh Duncan. I have been looking forward to his story, it was always going to be good, he is just delicious.

The story was fantastic, as usual with this series it is much darker than the usual paranormal romance and this one is no different, some really nasty things happening to women on account of the previous Lord of DC. One of these women's disappearance brings Emma into Duncan's (the new Lord) domain. He vows to help find Emma's best friend and for all intents and purposes her sister.

I really liked how their relationship progressed and how Duncan behaved with Emma, she is a strong women but even the strongest of women would be crushed by the loss that she endured and especially with how that loss came about. The crimes committed in this book really are horrific and while it does not go into detail your imagination won't have to go into overtime to paint the picture of what was happening. Shock of all horrors politicians are heavily involved in the atrocities.

Minor rant ahead

On account of previous books in this series I jumped to conclusions with regard to Emma on an occasion that actually in the end turned out to be the right thing to do. Going to see Violet on her own after her house had been broken into by an armed gunman. As it happened if Duncan or any other Vampire had accompanied her then it is likely they would not of been able to help Violet. While I was wrong on this occasion, I only jumped to the wrong conclusion because the human females in this series really have no sense of self preservation and continuously disregard the advise of men that have lived for a very long time, so I'm pretty sure they know what there are talking about. It is becoming a pet peeve of mine in this series, I don't want the women to be complacent and to do everything they are told but I would very much like them to be clever and realize that some things are best left to the big bad vampires. Emma, in the end was one of those women so I can only hope that this is a turning point and that future heroines will be equally as savvy as her.

Another problem I had (and this also happened in 'Sophia') is the interaction between new female leads and Cyn. Do they have to be so antagonistic and jealous? For the second time I failed to see the benefit of their altercation and again it did not add to the story but just made both women look petty and childish. These are clever and strong women, why must they be reduced to jealous hormonal teenagers? I foresee such introductions in upcoming books, just once I would like to see a civil meeting.

End minor rant

So this is another enjoyable addition to the series, this series has a different feel to it than other vampire series out there and for all the things that I don't like about it I still really enjoy it and really get into the stories. This one was difficult to take at times due to the content but that was only because of the cruelty inflicted on the women in it.

It was great reading Duncan's story and it was especially good getting to see the development of Raphael and his relationship, it goes a long way to explain Duncan's loyalty to Raphael and I liked that we got to see that. Minor quibble:I found it odd that we are never given the name of Duncan's wife and children. It made them feel less real somehow.

Lots of steam in this one as well, the sexual tension is present from more or less the moment Duncan and Emma meet regardless of the storm that is brewing around them, which meant when they gave into all that tension sparks well and truly flew. It was great.

One of my favourite Emma quotes:

"She just wanted to shake him up a little and see what tumbled out". (mainly because I wanted to shake him up a lot.)

A great introduction to Lucas at the end, looking forward to his story.