Sophia - D.B. Reynolds I like this series and what I liked the most was Raphael and Cynthia. I liked the progression of their relationship and I liked seeing how they both worked together and how they dealt with the obstacles they faced. I thought I would never tire of them. I was wrong.

Don't get me wrong I still like them both and I plan to continue this series. (Duncan's book is next so I would be a fool not to). But I am now looking at the two of them and reminded of those smug couples who think that their relationship is perfection. I want them to be happy and in love, I wanted it from the start, but the 'my Cyn' comments and threatening to kill even the people trying to keep Cyn safe was just annoying. It also leads me to another aspect of this book that annoyed me a bit. Raphael is actually just too powerful. He needs a counterpart and not an evil one. There needs to be someone out there who can take him but is also an ally. The whole thing around letting Sophia live was just a bit too dictatorial for me, I really wish she'd had enough power to bitch slap him. It's not that I want him taken down a peg or two it's more that I want him to be surprised by someone, I want him to be challenged. So I will continue reading this series in the hope that I will get to see it because I do love Raphael but he is beginning to grate on me.

Sophia and Colin Murphy's (good Irish name) story was nice and they were a good addition here but I felt that the ending was a bit anticlimactic so I hope to see how they are getting on in other books in the series. I hope that Sophia's power goes supernova. I liked her.

A disappointing part of this book for me was the introductions between Sophia, Cynthia and Raphael. It lent nothing to the story and just highlighted Cynthia and Raphael's couple smugness. I would of liked to have seen Cynthia and Sophia get on better, not saying they should be girlfriends and braid each others hair but a mutual respect of each others strengths would of served better in the story than the jealousy and name calling. It didn't fit in with their personalities for me.

Not my favourite by far. Hope Duncan can spice things up a bit.