Rajmund - D.B. Reynolds Raj is the star here, he was excellent, great alpha, great leader. I'm afraid the reason it loses two stars is because of Sarah. She was just too stupid to live. So frustrating, Raj is a big scary powerful vampire, he should of just killed her. Harsh I know but on the few occasions I felt some empathy toward her she just went and said something truly stupid or did something equally as stupid. Like going to the blood house. Why did she go to the blood house? This was possibly the stupidest and most nonsensical thing she did. Not only did she have no clue what she was doing or even looking for but because of this idiotic move she forced Raj to show his hand earlier than planned. Did she apologies? Or even have the grace to say she was wrong? No. She instead whet off on one. Ugh she annoyed me.

I really like Raj's lieutenant Em, she was a great addition to the story, she was tough and funny, she was also fiercely loyal to Raj and the story of her making was really heartbreaking. I would like to see her get a book, this would also mean getting more Raj, maybe Sarah could be on holiday or something if Em does get a book.

Middle of the road this one. Raj made it worth it.