Revenant - Larissa Ione image

So it's time to say goodbye to the Lords of Deliverance and Revenant is a fitting end. It's not my favourite of the series, I really don't think anything will beat Reaver but I did enjoy it.

I think the main problem with waiting a year between books is that I tend to build it up in my head and try and figure out what way it will go. This inevitably leads to disappointment but I can't stop myself from doing it. It didn't go the way I would have liked but I'm pleased with how it was all wrapped up.

Larrisa Ione does tease us with a little epilogue and what the future holds for this universe on her website that is worth checking out.

This series is not perfect, I actually have some pretty strong dislikes about a few things throughout, my biggest being the inevitable relationship issues, douche head behaviour and inability to listen of the characters I loved in previous books in the most recent one. In this case Reaver. I love Reaver. I knew he was going to be an asshat at some stage in this as that's what always happens but it annoyed me. It annoyed me because it's become like a formula but also because, well I love Reaver. I also love Than and he was a bit of a dick as well, he did have more reason though so I suppose I'll overlook that.

Anyway, these books, flaws and all are among my favourites. I love the world and the mishmash of demons and religion. It always makes for interesting reading and I really, really, really hope that it's not the last of this world.

Oh and I also now love Revenant (yay for brothers) and even though I posted this in my updates, I think it is worth putting in the review. This is what he looks like in my head:
Revenant doesn't have a beard in the book but 99% of the time my brain gives hot alpha males beards. It's a thing.