Beyond Pain

Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha So back in Sector Four with the O'Kanes.

I was really looking forward to Six and Bren's story and it was not disappointing. Six is amazing, she is one tough ass women, after all she has been through she just refuses to be beaten down. There were some touch and go moments and a lot of the time I really just wanted to give her a hug but in the end she proved to be totally kick ass.

Bren. Well isn’t he the dark horse? It has become obvious to me that the presence of a certain kind of piercing absolutely melts my brain but when you add that piercing to men that you just wouldn’t expect to have said piercing?

As is the norm in this series there is LOTS of smexy time. Lots and lots and lots. As I said in my review for ‘Beyond Control’ this series is about as hardcore as I think I can get, now this didn’t push my boundaries to the same degree as ‘Beyond Shame’ but Bren’s need for pain was kind of a mind fork and with the things that happened to Six in the past I was a little sceptical but it worked and as is the way there were O’Kanes on hand to guide Six through!! (Mmmmm Ace!!)

Speaking of O’Kanes on hand, the voyeurism scene with Dallas, Lex and Rachel? I can’t even…..

I'm really liking the progression of the overall story, Sector Three is pretty messed up but it also has some pretty interesting characters. I think it is imperative that Scarlet gets a book, from what I can see she might have a place in the final one.