Beyond Control

Beyond Control - Kit Rocha
After a very long hiatus I have found myself back in Sector Four.

I originally read the first book in this series 'Beyond Shame' back in September 2013. I really did enjoy it but to be honest with you I think it left me a little traumatised or given that it took me 7 months to get back to it a lot traumatised.


Now I am not really a fan of dystopia's, this is because I am an absolute chicken shit and they tend to scare the bejesus out of me but I liked this world. It's gritty and dirty but I can handle it because the O'Kanes (as rough and all as they are) represent some kind of hope and that I feel is sometimes missing in other dystopia's. What really traumatised me was the sex (shocking that I just typed that) but 'Beyond Shame' was hardcore. It is probably as hardcore as I can get (it's nice that I have a benchmark now). It was just a lot to process and everybody was involved and all sorts of things were happening with all sorts of people. It was intense. Seriously the title was fitting. There was no shame. Anywhere.

But I digress, on to the review of 'Beyond Control'.

Another reason I was a little bit hesitant to get back to Sector Four were the main protagonists in this book. I really wasn't sure if I liked Dallas and Lex. He has a tendency to be bit of an ass (that actually doesn't change) and I felt I couldn't sympathise with her (this did change). I wasn't really sure what her problem was in 'Beyond Shame' but it became much clearer in 'Beyond Control'. The titles really do give a great deal of insight to the story. The push and pull between Dallas and Lex could of become old and annoying but I found myself getting well and truly sucked in. I really wanted it all to work out for them and I also liked them both regardless of their faults. There were even some tears.

I enjoyed the plot line to this one much more as well, there was some real edge of the seat stuff near the end. One of my favourite aspects of this series so far is the chance to get some secondary character POV's throughout, it lets you see what else is going on and starts to set you up for the next book. I personally found this to be really clever.

On to the smexy cause lets face it, it is a pretty big part of this series. There is again lots and lots and lots of sex but this time it didn't seem to be as mental and out there as the last book. Maybe I've been desensitised now? Who knows. There was some parts that were a little bit too full on for me but most of it was HOT.


I'm all over this series now and I'm a little bit sorry that it took me so long to get back to it but I'm back now so all's well that ends well.

Really like Kit Rocha and love the idea of two best friends getting together to write dirty books. I would love to do something similar but I'm pretty sure with my lot things would descend into anarchy real quick, most likely due to overindulging in wine.


5 naughty stars