Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars - Kristen Ashley image

I'd saved some KA's. I decided to break them out for my staycation reading. KA is the perfect staycation reading.

I read this before [b:Fairytale Come Alive|13101349|Fairytale Come Alive (Ghosts and Reincarnation, #4)|Kristen Ashley||18273958] because I couldn't remember which came where and I'm glad I did because I think I saved the best to last. This was good but I'd a few problems, well I had one major problem. 'Poppet'.


I did not like that term of endearment. I did not like at all.

KA did throw in a few surprises though so 'Poppet' didn't completely ruin it for me. Ghost and Reincarnation isn't my favourite series but overall I enjoyed it and it was nice having new Kristen Ashley's to read.