Mystery Man

Mystery Man - Kristen Ashley Originally read 3 to 5 July 2013(4 stars)

Reread 9 to 12 February 2014(4 stars)

Possible spoilers!

This was my first ever Kristen Ashley and because of that it will always have a special place in my heart. Unfortunately it is probably one of my least favourite of her books. I think I have to lay the blame mainly at Gwen's door on this one although Hawk also annoyed me but his epic epilogue makes up for it. Gwen just bothered me and to be honest I found her selfish and at times so unbelievably conceited it was shocking and I found myself shouting (loudly) at her. (I need to stop talking to/shouting at characters in books, people already think I am crazy, confirming it is not a good idea)

Hawk also didn't escape my crazy outbursts. I love me an alpha but he was an alpha douche or to use a term recently discovered in a review by a fellow Goodreads member (Malinda) an 'alpha-hole'. As if the breaking into her house consistently for a year and a half wasn't bad enough but the camera's in the house, tracker on her car, monitoring her calls and texts? I mean seriously? This is even beyond stalker behavior regardless of whether or not they are in a relationship. It's just creepy. (This is different from the Rock Chick boys. I don't know exactly why it's different but it just is. Maybe because Gwen didn't question it and let the fact that she is under 24 hr monitoring go without a word. Anyway it's different.)

But this book has Tack and it has Mitch but mainly it has Tack and he gets his very own star. Gwen and Hawk get 2 stars and the epilogue also gets it's own star. As i said this was my introduction to KA and in turn my introduction to her EPIC-epilogues and they are all amazing but this one is special because it's my first. Hawk's POV was nice and I think I would of liked him a bit more if he'd had more throughout the book but I was more than happy with what I got at the end.

So not my favourite of KA but it really was a good introduction to her. The excitement and the anticipation for Tacks story at the time was overwhelming. Actually even rereading the excitement and anticipation is overwhelming.