The Golden Dynasty

The Golden Dynasty - Kristen Ashley Bloody heck but that was an emotional rollercoaster.

Okay so before I start my first ever review I need to inform you that I am pretty sure that Kristen Ashley is involved in some form of witchcraft. It is not normal to be this addicted to an author. It’s actually a little scary. I am usually a big PNR/Fantasy fan but I have been sucked in by all of her books, every last one so far and I don’t just read them, I devour them. Sure they can be a little long and wordy but by the end of them I have such a crystal clear picture of the story I feel like I have actually been there in the story.

So the emotional ride that was ‘The Golden Dynasty’. This book broke my heart, horrified me, made me laugh, made me cry and made me incredibly angry. There are parts of Circe and Lahn’s story that are very hard to read. Even now I can’t quite get my head around some. The Wife Hunt and its aftermath is both horrific and terrifying, it boggles my mind that Circe or any women not of this culture could ever come to grips with this practice. I honestly can’t see how Circe will ever sit through a Wife Hunt in the future, and make no mistake as Queen she will be sitting through one, it was made crystal clear to her that things would not be changing and she will have to just deal with it. This is the hardest part of their story to deal with, I think for anyone who reads it this will be the case. There is no real way to justify it but it is also important to take the extreme cultural differences into account. It really, really is a whole new world, a scary primitive new world at that.

Another thing that was a little upsetting for me is the fact that I fell head over heels in love with Lahn. Now I feel it important to say (and the fact that I am now a KA addict will confirm this) that I do love me a fictional alpha male (it’s safe to say that if I had one in real life I would have to kill him). Lahn is not just an alpha male though, he is something more and I really, really wanted to hate him which I did on several occasions for about 10 pages but then I found myself forgiving him and being madly in love again. Hence the emotional rollercoaster part. This isn’t just about a man who is so alpha that it is hard for him to show emotion, this is a man who is beyond male, he rarely interacts with women and when he does there is absolutely no emotion involved, therefore he has no idea what he is doing when it comes to Circe. There are parts of them learning one another that are so very sweet and beautiful and parts that are ugly and make you want to punch Lahn in the head (if you could get there that quick without him ripping your head off that is). Circe is not just strong, she is a warrior. I have no doubt at all very few women could do what she did, it is also mentioned in another review that I read about her loving hard and my goodness but she does, and not just Lahn but the people she makes hers along the way. She really is the true golden queen and I loved her.

There is no epic epilogue that I always so enjoy with a Kristen Ashley but Harold’s point of view at the end was more than enough and made me very emotional. As in I think I may have sobbed, now I had two glasses of wine at that stage so that may have attributed to the sobbing but I just wanted to give him a big hug and be around so that he wasn't on his own. It made me so sad, it still does.

This is just a great book, there are parts that are hard to read and parts that are even harder to come to terms with but I think that is what makes it so special because in the end after all the emotion and upset that comes before you are really, really rooting for Circe and Lahn’s happy ever after.