Reaver - Larissa Ione Just amazing. This was better than I expected and I expected it to be fantabulous. There is not a huge amount to say that won't reveal spoilers but what I can say is this is just jam packed with answers to a lot of questions. I can also say that Reaver is hot, Harvester is awesome, Gethel is a total wing-nut and some Archangels are douche-bags.

Reaver and Harvesters story is a really complicated one and they have both caused each other hurt but they really are made for each other and I loved, loved, loved watching them discover each other and their past. Harvester is just my all time favourite Larissa Ione female. She is brash and sarcastic and can be rude and at times even cruel but she is also kind (although she prefers people didn't know that) and fiercely loyal (even after being betrayed). Her faults made her all the more likable and funny and once some things were revealed her faults really were all the more justified. Seriously love Harvester.

Lots of UG cameos, not enough Wraith, but then there is never enough Wraith. We get a pretty extensive tour of Sheoul. Here is a shocker, it is not a nice place, and the lack of Harrowgates is frustrating. Lots of my new favourite Sem, Tavin. I predict a book in his future, and he has lots of brothers. Score. Fun with the Horsemen and some really nice moments between them and Reaver, especially between Limos and Reaver. There were tears. Also some pretty extreme torture. I mean damn, Demons and Angels are creative.

There was some confusion surrounding timelines for me. This was mainly surrounding this book and the short story released for Christmas. I may just need to re-read this one again, I kind of thundered through so I might have missed something.

The stage is now set for Revenant and his story which I think will be another humdinger. The beauty of Larissa Ione is she makes you think that some of her characters have no redeeming features and then I imagine laughs at us all when we rave about how amazing they actually are. I look forward to seeing how she does this with Revenant. Now not a spoiler but might be a spoiler in the future, or could be that staying up until 3am to finish Reaver is messing with my head. This is way out of left field but I am wondering if anyone thinks that it could be possible that Revenant might have Asperger's? I really can't quite explain why I think he does.