Stormwalker - Allyson James This is basically everything I love in my urban fantasy, we have:

1 kick ass heroine
1 extra hot man (pun intended) who happens to be one of my most favourite mythical creatures
1 trickster God
1 very unstable parent and quite a bit of family drama
1 magic mirror
Great world building
Harley Davidson's
Awesome magic (storm magic is just ridiculously cool)
Mysterious disappearances
And an amazing desert backdrop.

It is like Allyson James (aka Jennifer Ashley) somehow got in my head and pulled out all the stuff I like in my urban fantasy/paranormal romances and created this excellent story, I am super excited about this series.

Janet Begay (I kid you not, that is her name)

Mick Burns (and oh boy does he)

One of my favourite things in this book is that yet again I feel like a place becomes a main character, and the desert in this was definitely a main character. It was amazingly portrayed and was so vivid in my mind at times I swear I could feel the heat. This is one of the reasons I love to read, you become instantly transported, it is in and of itself real magic.


Something or more someone I did not enjoy. At. All. Was Douche Jones (aka Nash Jones, aka Dickhead). What a complete tosser. There is not one part of him that I liked, he was a racist, narrow minded, insensitive knob-end. Even when he was helping (not that he knew what he was doing helped, because if he did he probably wouldn't of done it) he still made me want to slap him. I spent the majority of the book hoping he got offed. I'm pretty sure that will continue in the next book.

Nash, just so you know, this is what I am doing every time you slither onto page

Looking forward to the next story in the series. I think this has the potential to be a real favourite.