Archangel's Legion

Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh Some ranting may follow:

Okay so I have a problem with this. Mainly it's over and I really, really wanted more.

I'm delighted, thrilled and over the moon that Elena and Raphael are back I really am, but I need more of Illium, Aodhan, Naasir and well the rest of The Seven. There was absolutely no Venom in this one. None. Are you kidding me? I mean you can't make me fall in lust with a Vampire who has the eyes of a Viper and then just take him away for an entire book. That is cruel and unusual punishment. Where was Sorrow? I need more info on Vivek. I just need more. So much more.

Nalini Singh is killing me here, it is a gift to be able to create so many characters that capture the imagination and have people on tender hooks waiting for more but I need to know now. Not in November. Now.

End rant.

So. On-wards. This totally sucked me in from the start. I am loving the development of Elena and Raphael's relationship, I always enjoy reading about them and I like that it is not all sunshine and roses for them. Raphael is not mortal, he views the world so differently from Elena and I like how that is portrayed. The changes that Raphael (along with the Cadre) were experiencing also made their relationship development fun to read. Elena's method of bringing Raphael back to himself is interesting, the fact that it is also very effective makes for steamy reading so it is a win for us all.

More heart breaking family developments for Elena in this one and for the first time I felt for Jeffery.

The show stopper in this was the battle. I wouldn't say that I am all about battles and wars but I do enjoy them when they come up and this one was epic. There was lots of drama and it was just great to read. So much happened, it was total edge of your seat stuff. The aftermath, the Cascade and the Legion are sure to make for interesting reading in 'Archangels Shadow' which is out in November, I won't mention how I feel about the wait again.

I have everything crossed that there will be more than two more books and that this series continues after 2015. I love it and there are so many characters I want to know more about, so many that I know two books won't cover it.

Some yummy quotes:

"You have never, and will never, weaken me. You make me a better man and a better leader than I would've ever been without you." He shook his head. "You said once that you couldn't do this without me. Well, I can't do this without you, Guild Hunter." - Oh Raphael. *sigh*

It was a fear sad and terrible in what it demanded from her... and beautiful in what it said of who he was to her.