Branded by Fire

Branded by Fire  - Nalini Singh
"You want to claw at me, kitty-cat? Come on."

"Sorry, I don't beat defenseless puppies.”



2nd read - 7 March to 9 March 2013
3rd read - 27 April to 28 April 2014
4th read - 5 April to 8 April 2015

I really enjoyed these two, I love both the Kincaid boys but Riley has that strong silent thing going on that I like. Mercy is proper kick ass and a smart arse to boot so what's not to like? I love the banter between them and how Mercy manages to push Riley's buttons and make him lose control. It was fun to read.

From the get go 'Branded by Fire' is hot and heavy and this is the first time we have encountered two changelings getting it on. Goodness they don't hold back,

A big part of both SnowDancer and DarkRiver packs is hierarchy and as Mercy is a Sentinel for DrakRiver and Riley a Lieutenant for SnowDancer the issue of dominance and in particular the way the males become a bit mental and behave like neanderthal's during the mating dance come up throughout the book. Riley did do very well and only managed to make a complete balls of it the once, the problem was when he did he did it bad. Mercy and Riley are supposed to work together as partners acting as liaisons for both packs and while working in that capacity Riley cut Mercy out of the loop as he thought to protect her because of their developing personal relationship. He actually uttered the words:

"I made the decision. Deal with it."

I found that Mercy was actually the more reasonable of the two and handled it all rather well considering. I for one would of behaved a lot less gracefully.

Some interesting developments happening with both the Psy and the Human Alliance. Pure Psy are out to ensure that Silence will not fall and we learn that they will go to some pretty extreme and sad lengths to ensure that it doesn't.

The Human Alliance look to play with the big boys and by doing so manage to piss off everyone.

And there is some good news for DarkRiver.

This is a really good addition to the series, it's not one of my favourites but there was lots happening and after some gut wrenching drama it was great to see Riley and Mercy get a HEA!!